My Debut YA Novel

AT FIRST BLUSH is my debut novel. I started working on this in the summer of 2013 when I got completely sucked into YouTube makeup tutorials. YouTube is such a fascinating world to me. The cliques, the sponsorships, the subscriber comments that range from supportive to downright bullying. I couldn't stop thinking about the drive these people have, and how hard they work on filming, editing, uploading, only to be picked apart on a daily basis.


Lacey Robbins has one goal for the summer: hit one million subscribers on her YouTube beauty channel. Working as an On Trend magazine video blogger is just the platform she needs to get there, but falling for the cover boy, rock star Tyler Lance, was not part of her plan--especially since his dating history is longer than her Sephora wishlist.

She can't avoid him for long though, not when it's her job to film vlogs with him. As Lacey and Tyler grow closer on and off camera, her channel becomes popular for all the wrong reasons, and the two YouTubers she's working with officially hate her. Lacey's only solace is spending time with Kendall Wynn, On Trend's resident makeup artist. Kendall's scattered, carefree approach to makeup reminds Lacey why she ever picked up a tube of lipstick in the first place.

Nothing about this summer is going according to Lacey's perfect plan, and pretty soon she learns that filming makeup tutorials is easy. It's real life that could use some editing.